Five things that made me happy this week #4

I know, I know… it’s a couple of days late but it’s been a busy week for me, particularly because it was a long weekend and I’ve had to catch up on work, study, assignments and driving back to New Plymouth to spend time with my parents. Despite the busyness and occasional stress, it’s been a great week filled with plenty of sparkly, glittery, sprinkle-y happiness (even though one would think it’d be a shit week given we’ve had a cyclone warning… LOL). Well… shall we begin?

Sunny days in the ‘Naki

Okay, so this year every time I go home to New Plymouth the weathers been absolutely SHITHOUSE (no exaggeration). Usually every summer, I have the opportunity to go for a swim at the beach but this year, I’ve not had the chance to because, well, the weather.

This weekend however the weathers been amaze-balls. I can’t even describe. Despite weather warnings of Cyclone Cook, it’s been pretty sunny and pretty warm with the occasional ‘sun showers’. I don’t even mind that I go to sleep to the sound of the rain drumming against the rooftop because every time I wake up, the blue skies and sun greet me with a smile.

I’ve caught up with a few of my good friends, chased the waves, met the friendliest little Samoyed called Bear, rolled down the Bowl of Brooklands (ended up with my skirt over my head but hey, such is life), ate fish and chips on the beach (FINALLY!), went to the zoo, encountered a Meerkat that’s prettier than me, walked along Oakura Beach (fuckin’ love that beach) and ate lots of good food (thanks mama bear!). Honestly, it feels like summer and I wish it never ends.

Second birthday week?

I’m not greedy. I put a question mark at the end of it because even though my birthday was last week, I found myself still receiving presents and birthday greetings. No, I’m not complaining! Hence why it’s made it to my list.

My sister bought me some penguin socks, a book, a calligraphy pen kit and some watercolour markers. Honestly, they’re so cool! And then my landlord (no I didn’t misspell, I do mean ‘landlord’. Yes I’m referring to the man who owns the house I live in and I pay him rent in order to continue living under the roof) brought some gifts for me too – a card, a bottle of chardonnay and a box of chocolates. I’ve never heard of landlords giving tenants gift so it was the loveliest surprise! Thanks Tim!



On Friday, I met a beautiful Samoyed called Bear. I’m dedicating an entire section to her because ma lawd she made me the happiest person in the world!

I’m a lover of both cats and dogs and the only reason why I don’t currently own a dog is because I’m not settled and I don’t think it’s fair to own a dog while you’re not settled. I want to travel and eventually own a house so until I’ve done those two things, I’m not going to own a dog, or dogs for that matter. At the moment, I’m frothing over owning a Samoyed and a pug. Unlikeliest duo but I think it’d be the cutest damn thing ever!

So more about Bear… she’s so beautiful and fluffy and super, duper friendly. She was wet but didn’t even smell like wet dog, which was weird. She plays fetch and kept digging a hole to show off. Honestly, she’s just made my entire week. I’m just so in love and after she walked away with her hottie Slovakian dog-walker, a part of me just died. No joke. I miss her so much. If only I knew where she lives because… you know… I’d just visit… and not attempt to kidnap her…

This photo depicts the moment I spotted Bear…


… and the moment I got hold of Bear… SO FRIGGIN’ HAPPY.


Get your sh*t together

Yes, I’m referring to the anti-self-help book by Sarah Knight. It was a birthday prezzie from my sister and in her words “I’m not saying you don’t have your shit together but I thought I’d buy it cause I know you’d enjoy it”. I totally agree with her on the whole enjoy part but I dunno bout the having my shit together part.

I’m not finished with the book yet but so far I’m finding it thoroughly enjoyable. She provides you with practical tips and writes with great insight and is quite, well, relatable (to me anyways). Right now, I’m so on that $5/day saving train and I know it’s sad that it’s taken an ‘anti-self-help’ book to teach me how to save but it’s just that sometimes you need to read an insightful little book that just kicks your arse and inspires you to want to be a better you and then you go out there and be a better you. Does that make sense? I dunno. It’s probably some nonsensical rambling (I’m good at those!) I suggest you just buy the book, read it, understand what I’m on about and YOLO.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

Please ignore the crease on the top right hand corner of the book and the state of my nails 😛

Finishing my first official assignment

Guise, seriously, I feel like I’ve just won a war – a war with words that is! I completely forgot how annoying writing essays can be. I mean, this photo pretty much sums up my feelings at 1.45am this morning.


… and I’ve JUST completed it. After sleepless, stressful nights, I can finally breathe and sleep easy. I think what I find the most challenging with assignments is switching up my writing tone – work and blogging means I get to be friendly, enthusiastic and conversational. Academic writing means none of that – I have to be serious, no contractions, long sentences and yawn, reference everything. Oh wait, the word count is bitch too.

Anyways, I know this one’s a boring one but I feel so chuffed. When I pressed that ‘Submit’ button, I just felt the weight of the world lift and disappear. Time for ten cups of tea to soothe my aching brain…

Do share your happiest moments this week!




It’s going to be okay

Hey kid,

It’s going to be okay. You’re worried about never finding a boyfriend. Guess what: you do. You’re worried about disappointing your parents by deciding to leave uni cause you’re not happy. They’re not disappointed. You’re mad because you spend monies on dumb things. Bad news: you still do.

I know it seems like life feels completely and utterly hopeless right now because you’re stuck in a ‘set room’ with a shitty roommate, you don’t have many friends, your family’s far away, you’re lost and confused because you want to study everything and nothing and worst of all, you’re still a virgin at 18. But remember last summer? Fish and chips, lying on all the grass in New Plymouth, driving missions, hanging out at beaches and Rihanna’s ‘Please don’t stop the music’? It was the best summer ever – hold on to those memories because they’ll help get you through the rough.


Right now, you’re probably thinking about Lachie down the hall and how your floor mates thought it’d be funny to lock you in his room that night. He was so nice to you! Should’ve just kissed him. But you didn’t and that’s okay (unfortunately, you two don’t end up together. Weirdly enough, you still think about him but very occasionally. I’m still trying to work out why you do).

Let me tell you about your future. You’re going to go through so many emotions in the coming months – both good and bad. You’re going to test your friendship with an old workmate and I’m sorry to say, you’re going to disappoint her. Not once, but twice. And worst of all, over a boy. Actually, two boys. It’s okay, you eventually learn your lesson.

Right now, you feel like you’re always going to be one of the boys and die a virgin with 60 million cats. But you’re not (well the 60 million cats is still up for debate). You’re going to get noticed. In fact, the big v-plate ends with one of your best friends. You’re also going to think you love him. This is when you realise that with intimacy, comes a lot of confusion.

You’re also going to trust too easily and it’s gonna take one boy to destroy your trust. Oh, plus your low self-esteem. I’m sorry to say you’re going to carry your distrust into other relationships and it’s going to take the most patient man to tolerate you. You’re going to have to work really hard to be better at trust.

You’re going to go on a rampage where you think it’s okay to hurt other boys because you’ve been hurt. You’re going to pretend like you don’t care and you’re going to give yourself freely because you like feeling like you’re in control. You know how you’re always afraid of rejection so you don’t do anything about it and you admire people that pour their heart out and think people that reject others are fuckwits? Guess what, you become somewhat of a fuckwit.

You’ll trample on boys’ feelings when they take the leap and tell you how they feel because it’s easier for you to not care. You’re going to be the master of ‘ghosting’. Then, the tables will turn and you’ll meet someone who gives you the world and treats you the way you deserve. But because you don’t trust anyone, even yourself, you’re going to hurt him and you’re going to fuck things up. You’re going to realise what you’ve done and you’re going to go through a lot of pain. I’m sorry but there’s no going back on that one.

But it’s not all that bad. You’re going to grow closer to your family (unfortunately, you’re going to continue relying on Father). You get a proper job and you’re good at it. You’re going to wake up and learn to love yourself. You’re going to enjoy your own company and you’re going to concentrate on being a better you. And yes, you’re working really, really hard to trust again. You’re still battling confidence but you’re working towards improving it. You really are so you should be proud. The only thing you should be disappointed about is the fact that you’re still shit when it comes to money and saving.


Remember that when the going gets tough, you get tougher. You’ve experienced and learnt so much and you survived. You’re a survivor. Don’t be afraid of what’s to come because despite all the shit, you’ve done so much good and you’re continuing to do good for yourself, your family, your friends and your future. And when you feel alone, you need to remember you’re never alone.

I promise you kid it’s going to be okay. Everything keeps getting better. So don’t be afraid. Smile.

xoxo Future you

p.s. bitch, can’t believe you cried when you turned 18. you’re now on the wrong end of 20, wishing you could go back.

p.p.s. you’re still trying to replicate summer 2007 because every summer since just can’t seem to beat it. good luck!

photo credit: the lovely dawnchapmanphoto (yes I’m her back model). check out her stuffs yo!

Things that made me happy this week #3

Wow, we’re at episode three already! Where has time gone? It’s been a pretty jam-packed week for me but upon reflection, there’s been more highs than low so I can’t really complain. So with that being said, let’s begin!

Birthday week

Yes, I’m going to start with the obvious. I’m on the wrong end of my 20s now but that’s okay. I had a pretty good day on the 4th and continued to have a good birthday week. I celebrated last night with a BYO dinner and I’m worst for wear today but I’m happy. The beauty of birthdays is that it brings the people you love together. They get together to give you a card, a cake, a present, etc and they get together when you throw a party, BYO dinner or however you choose to celebrate!

I put together a post on my birthday and getting to know me. Check it out if you haven’t already!

Oh and look at these beautiful flowers I got! Happy to report, they’re still alive and kickin’!

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Finishing my first week of assignments

I’ve decided to pick up a few papers this semester to go towards my Communications degree. I won’t go into detail as I’m planning on putting together a post on it. At times, I feel like it was the worst decision ever and I don’t know how I’m going to handle full-time work and nearly full-time study, plus regularly blogging and keeping up my social/home life.

Anyways, I handed in my three assignments today and I’m stoked as hell. It’s a huge sense of achievement for me because despite being a pretty hectic week, I’ve managed to do them and keep on top of studying. So yes, it can be done! I just need to keep it up!


Baby carrots

Don’t laugh but yes, baby carrots were a highlight for me this week! I don’t mean like the little pre-packed ones you get from the supermarket, but an actual bunch of baby carrots that I scored from the markets. I’ve seen them on cooking shows and cartoons so when I chanced across them over the weekend, I couldn’t resist. I proudly displayed the leaves over my recycle bag (not that anyone would care or know what leaves they were…) Not only that, they were only $2!! They’re so delicate to chop and I can’t wait to eat my bevy of roast veges when they’re finally ready. So go baby carrots!


Wellington bringing out the calm

It’s been a pretty shit week weather wise. We’ve had torrential rains and I’ve been going to work soaked. Plus when I wash and style my hair, it’s ruined in literally five minutes of leaving the house so I gave up for the rest of the week. As in I didn’t wash my hair or style it – I just brushed it and let it be. Gross, I know.

But this weekend, it’s been absolutely stunning and the sun came out for us! Despite being kinda cold, it was still nice to see the sun out with a smile on its dial. It definitely put a smile on my dial! 

No I didn’t draw penises in the sand… I came across them and thought they were worthy to be photographed. Yes, I had a little chuckle too. And I didn’t catch that fish – my friend and I were sitting on the wharf with some men fishing and he caught the little nipper. I think they said it was a leather fish? Who knows.

D&D sesh

Yes, I play Dungeons and Dragons and yes, I really enjoy it! We had a 3 week break due to time constraints and illnesses but we regrouped this week and had a wonderful session. For those of you who don’t know what D&D is, it’s a fantasy roleplaying game where characters are created by the participants and these characters go on an imaginary adventure in the fantasy setting. There’s a dungeon master that acts as the storyteller and referee for the whole adventure.

I play with my best friend, sister and ex-flatmates and honestly, it’s been really enjoyable. I used to think it was a game for nerds but our group is the most unlikeliest group of people to play D&D and we’re doing well so far. If you haven’t tried it, I highly recommend giving it a go! At least once!

What made you happy this week? I’d be very keen to hear it!



If you can’t grow ’em, pick ’em


I’ve always wanted to go strawberry picking. I see so many people instagram-ing or Facebook-ing their finds and I was getting really, really jealous. I didn’t know where the hell people were going to pick strawberries so I did my research and came across Penray Gardens in Otaki. Funnily enough, I drive past the gardens every time I drive out of Wellington but I thought it was just a little fruit and veg shop.

One weekend, a couple of friends and I decided to head out on a semi-grey and muggy day. Honestly, it was the best decision ever despite the typical Wellington weather. Before you head into the gardens, there’s a huge sign which shows you all the fruit and veg that are in season to pick and the cost per kilo. You help yourself to a bucket/punnet/wheelbarrow and off you go on a little fruit and veg picking adventure.

I like strawberries. I honest to god do but whenever I buy them from the supermarket, I don’t eat the small punnet in one sitting. Usually I find strawberries that are either not ripe or too mushy. What a waste of average $4.99 for approximately 10 strawberries (if you’re lucky).

So during my excursion, I picked roughly 30 strawberries that cost me approximately $5.50, 3 ginormous cucumbers for $1.00 and 2 huge red onions for $1.50.

I emptied the huge ass punnet in one day. They were scrumptious, delicious, ripe, fruitful, succulent and divine – once I started, I just couldn’t stop. I was kind enough to leave my sister two (or three). She agreed; they were incredible.


Not only was it stimulating and relaxing; you also get a decent workout from walking up and down, all around. And jumping for joy of course because you’re surrounded by freshness.

So next time you’re stuck for things to do and are lacking in the fruit and veg department, I highly recommend heading out to Penray Gardens. It was a whole lot of fun and I guarantee you’ll leave with a huge smile on your dial. Don’t believe me? Look how happy we were!!!


I can’t wait to head back and pick apples, pears and tomatoes!!

Birthday edition

So guess what? Today I turned 27. Woot. Okay not really, just thinking about it causes pain in my groin. Why? Because it’s true what they say – the older you get, the faster time passes. To be honest, I’m not ready for life to go as fast as it is because I’ve got way too many things to do!

I also realised that since the inception of this blog, apart from my ridiculous life experiences I haven’t actually shared with you much about my interests and me. With that being said, I thought I’d take the opportunity to list down some things about me that equals the big 2-7. Ready? Here goes! (and check out the flowers I got!)

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

5 lessons learnt

  • Loving yourself before loving others is actually quite important
  • Let yourself make bad choices and mistakes – it’s what you learn from them that counts
  • Alcohol is not my friend
  • Neither is fast food (but I still hang on to the hope that one day we’ll be friends…)
  • Always trust your gut (thanks dad!)

5 favourite podcasts

  • Casefiles
  • Ted Talks
  • History Exta
  • Myths and Legends
  • Sean Wes TV

5 essential clothing items

  • A good, chunky knit. I love throwing a knit on dresses. They’re just so cosy and casual and on these cold, miserable days it’s what I’m all about
  • A leather jacket – I think this is a must-have in everybody’s wardrobes. It’s cool, it’s trendy and makes you look super edgy no matter what you’re wearing!
  • A great oversized scarf/snood. Seriously, I love scarves specially ones that are oversized and feel like a neck blanket. You can lie on it and it feels like a pillow plus it keeps you warm and gives the casual chic vibe
  • A simple, statement summer dress – what I love about dresses is that you can still wear them in winter and all you need to do to keep warm is layer up. You can’t beat a simple, summer dress especially when it’s one that hugs you in all the rights areas
  • Comfy pair of heeled boots – I struggle when it comes to wearing anything with a heel for long periods of time but I recently came across a pair of plain black boots with an inch heel that’s so super, duper comfy and makes a casual outfit look less casual and more put-together and somewhat fancy. Plus, being a midget, any height I can add is an added bonus. Style, height and comfort – phwoar!

5 must visit countries

  • England including Scotland (hell yeah!)
  • Sweden
  • Croatia
  • Iceland
  • Russia

5 favourite books read in 2017

  • History of Loneliness by John Boyne
  • This House is Haunted by John Boyne
  • Flawed by Cecelia Ahern
  • Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins
  • The Torment of Others by Val McDermid

2 favourite artworks

The Lady of Shalott by John William Waterhouse. Why do I love this piece of work? My goodness where do I start? It’s based on a poem of the same name by Lord Tennyson and I love the poem. It’s beautifully tragic. I also love her expression, I love how realistic the artwork is and I absolutely love the colour combination. Absolutely stunning. I think I might just cry if I ever saw it IRL.

The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault. Romaticism is my favourite art era. I love the poignant darkness and the emphasis on emotion and individualism. The painting itself is quite dark and gory and depicts the survivors of the Medusa shipwreck. While the situation is dire and desperate, it also depicts a glimmer of hope with two of the figures waving down what one hopes is a ship.

If you read the whole thing, congratulations and thank you! I really appreciate you making it this far and I hope you enjoyed the content. I’m really interested in getting to know you a bit better. Share something about yourself in the comments!

p.s. no I’m not going to get rowdy. I’m actually going to spend my evening in my warm fluffy PJs, eating home made pizza and studying. With a break in between watching My Kitchen Rules Australia. WILD ASF.

Check out my cake… it’s too pretty to eat…


Don’t worry about it

I know it’s hard for us to not worry about the big ol’ F word but I’m here to tell you one thing: don’t worry about it. Too often we get caught up in an existential crisis where we have no idea what the fuck we’re doing, why we’re doing what we’re doing, when will things get better, how can we make things better and well, the big ol’ F word.

When I say F word, I don’t mean fuck. I mean the other F word: future. Kid, you have a long life ahead of you so you really shouldn’t be sitting there sweating the future. Like you, I’ve been under the pump before where you think you need to have it all figured out then you go ahead and figure it out and when it doesn’t work, you count your breathing seconds, worry about the grey hairs sprouting and freak out because of the other swear word that starts with T: time.

You have all the time in the world to work out what it is you want to do or work out how to get to where you want to be. It all comes down to working out what makes you happy and building the bridge that’s gonna take you there. Bearing in mind, you’re also gonna have to cross that god damn bridge.

When I was in my last year of high school, I remember saying to myself “listen, you’re going to go to Victoria University. You’re going to do a double degree in Law and Arts majoring in Art History and Classical Studies. As part of NCEA, you’re going to sit four scholarship exams and you’re going to ace them all. You’re going to graduate top of your class and you’re going to work for a law firm and rake in that dough.” Fast forward to a year later and I’m thinking “fuck law. I could do this but spending five years of my life doing something I’m not enjoying and having a big ass student loan and not wanting to be lawyer. Is it worth it? Fuck, what do I do with myself?” Well, I left uni and moved back home to live with my parents and worked at a supermarket while I figured out what I wanted to do with myself. I went back to uni the following year and did a BA majoring in Art History and Classics. I loved it but unfortunately, I had met a boy back home and I loved him more. So I moved back to be with him and put my degree on hold.

A year after that, I studied Journalism because I knew I loved writing and research. I’m happy to report that I graduated and won an award for best feature for an article I wrote. Six years from graduating and I’m not a journalist.

I am however working in communications. I’ve also started this blog so I’m spending my days continuing to write and share my thoughts with the world. Some days, I still want to be a journalist. Other days, I want to finish my BA and maybe be an archaeologist or a curator. Hell, I have days where I want to open a dating agency and hook people up (a la Undateables and Millionaire Matchmaker)! All of my days though, I just want to be a happy, free spirit who writes about anything and everything.


Photo credit: the very talented dawnchapmanphoto!

What I’m trying to say is, I’m still trying to work it out. I’m about to turn 27 and most of the people I know are married, getting married, popping out babies, about to pop out baby(ies), working in a stellar corporate job or just, you know, getting high and chilling. You’re worried because some people have their shit together and you don’t. Let me tell you, those people are either good actors or have been where you’re at and have worked it out but fight the battle at least once or twice a year. It’s okay to not know what you want to do in the future. All you need to work out is what you want to do now and what you’re going to do to get there.

You’ve got a long road ahead of you kid. Don’t worry about it and just live.


Photo credit: LifeHack @ Pinterest

Five things that made me happy this week #2

Happy April peeps! Not gonna lie, it’s actually my favourite month… not because it’s birthday month. There’s just something about April. Autumn is my favourite season and it so happens to fall in this month. It’s also no longer the start of the year but it’s not quite the middle of the year either. It also has a pretty name. April. Yes, April. Anyways, I’m digressing. Let’s get into this!

My parents visiting

It’s the weekend before my birthday so my parent’s decided it’d be a good idea to come spend some time with my sister and I. I haven’t seen them in nearly two months so it was lovely having them grace us with their presence. It’s always nice to spend a weekend with family, pretending to be tourists in the city I live in and discovering random little knick-knacks and spots. Plus, it usually means free food for a weekend (love you parents!).


Buying my daughter a pretty, wee dress

I have two fur babies and I’m going to write a post dedicated to my feline family eventually. Recently, I went on a trip to Kmart and I must admit, I went a little bit crazy. But don’t tell me you’ve never been to Kmart and not gone a bit crazy? Anyways, while trying to find flea collars for my babies I stumbled across a pet clothing section and I couldn’t resist this $8 dress.


Isn’t she just so adorable?! What a liddle printess! I must say she got sick of it and couldn’t walk in a straight line for too long so I took it off her. It was a glorious giggle though!

Kmart haulin’

Did I mention I went to Kmart and went a lil bit crazy? I don’t go to Kmart often and there’s a good reason I don’t: I spend way too much monies. But my trip this time was brought on by going to the movies in Porirua so after the movie, I thought why not check out Kmart? $89 later and I left with a whole bunch of things – some I need, some I don’t, but I don’t regret my little haulin’ (especially the snood. Fuckin’ love snoods. Love it so much I’m shamelessly sniffing it).


disclaimer: a couple of the items were gifted to me by my lovely sister, Fiona. Shout out to fionamariejackson – check out her stuff!

Beauty and the Beast

I wrote a mini, personal review on Beauty and the Beast and watching the movie was definitely a top highlight this week. I’m not gonna bore you with more details on what I thought. Check out the review. Yes, I’m still thinking of watching it again at the movies.

ticket_beauty and the beast

Creating a basic asf logo

Look, when it comes to creating graphics, pictures or logos I’m bloody hopeless. The only thing I seem to be somewhat good at is writing and I’ve accepted that. I wish I could take dank photos and make sick movies and graphics but I can’t. So challenging myself to create a logo using Photoshop on their 7-day trial was nerve wrecking but I really wanted to try. I must say I’m happy enough with the end product. Even though to a Photoshop whizz it looks like the most straightforward, basic logo that an infant could create. Maybe one day I’ll get better… or give up and pay someone to do it for me but for now this will do and I’m happy with it!

michellerosewrites logo v1

What made you happy this week?